The first of two ExtraLife Civ IV comics


As you can see, I posted the first of two comics I did for 2K Games, and Fraxis for the latest expansion release for Civilization IV. Had a ball working on these. Watch for the next one coming soon.

Sid Meier’s Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword was released last Monday. And to celebrate this event, the arrival of the single biggest Civilization expansion EVER, 2K Games and Fraxis have partnered with several gaming webcomics (8-Bit Theater, Ctrl-Alt-Del, ExtraLife, GU Comics, PvP and Dueling Analogs) as well as with members of the creative team behind the Over the Hedge to create comics and animated shorts for Civilization Daydreams… that was the single longest run on sentence I ever wrote and this is just making it even longer. You’ll be able to find the various webcomics on their respective websites and at, and

Here is a direct link to mine. (The current EL story line continues Friday.)