The “Fertastico” Project


Today begins a week long improvisational comic project presented by myself and O of CommissionedComic fame. The goal is simple: Every other day, for a week, we each take a turn improving a drawn response to the other’s previous days work. Some of you may remember me doing this with Len some time ago.

This time, O and I have a few ground rules that are different: Each of our installments will be pencil only. They will be two panels long each day, and the entire run of this improv project will be 7 days. Next Tuesday, it will fall to Obsidian to create an ending. If this goes well, and serves its purpose (which is mainly to give us a fun challenge, and work together on something cool), then you can expect new runs often.

For now, I give you day one, drawn by me, for the epic story that is: “Fertastico!”