The ExtraLife Christmas Pack – Women’s Shelter Benefit


Here are the details, as seen on the auction listing:

This year, my family and I are going to be providing a night of dinner and activities for a Salt Lake City emergency women’s shelter a week before Christmas. My wife is going to be preparing enough food to feed up to 200 women and children at the shelter, and my kids are working on crafts and other activities that they can do with the kids there.

My part in all this is to provide a bunch of drawing materials for the children at the shelter. I have a strong belief that drawing is a wonderful way of dealing with rough situations, and builds creativity and character in young kids.

ALL proceeds from this auction will go to help provide these materials. To whomever wins this auction: Thank you! You’re about to help make a bunch of little kids really happy this year.

The ExtraLife Christmas Pack includes the following: A large signed 20x30inch quality print of the 56 Geeks, a signed Obey Henry mini print, a signed Murloc mini print, 10 Obey Henry stickers, 10 Fear Steve stickers, a signed Zombie Santa mini print, a signed Zombie Robot mini print, and a Grunty The Murloc Marine in game World of Warcraft pet code.

The winner will also be the subject of conversation on ExtraLife Radio, The Instance, & AppSlappy in upcoming episodes.

Want to give another way? Contact me and I’ll provide details on ways that non-bidders can help.

Thank you! – Scott, Kim, Taylor, Carter, & Nick

If you have any interest in bidding, or would like to help in some other way, here is the eBay listing.