The DigitalStrips podcast reviewed ExtraLife

Hey all. Quick note this morning that the guys from the DigitalStrips Podcast did a review in their latest show of ExtraLife, the comic, not the made for TV movie based on my life. 😉

Anyway, you can head over there and see what they say! I have not actually heard it myself yet, but will shortly.

EDIT: I just got done listening. Thought it was a nice positive review overall, and really appreciate being spotlighted by the Digital Strips guys. I am not sure what Daku means by my artwork not being very realistic. Its a web comic…not once was I ever shooting for realism, so maybe I don’t understand his statement. But on the whole I think they nailed my current state of afairs. They indicated that 2004 forward was their favorite part of the archives and I have to agree. I feel I really hit my stride after three years of experimenting around a bit. I really like where the comic takes me lately and glad to hear them echo what I was already thinking. Again, thanks to them for the mention and review.

As a side note, a month ago or so I talked to them about doing an interview on EL Radio, and the ball is officially rolling. Will be a great opportunity to talk a bunch obout web comics in general. Look forward to that happening soon.