The Batman Photoshop Contest winners


Hey all. Sorry for the delay. Have some winners for you. Big thanks to everyone who submitted an entry this time around, and watch for a new contest coming shortly.

These are MY favorites, and so don’t give me crap about why you would have picked differently and why. Just the way it’s gonna be. 🙂 Each of the top 3 winners will receive a 8×12 inch color print of the 56 Geeks Poster.

1st Place – “Cheers“, by Chad
I loved this one, mostly for the technical work. I love the end result, and feel it just looked great.

2nd Place – “Dogs Playing Poker“, by Seth
Again great technical work, but I really fell in love of the absurdity of this one. Great work.

3rd Place – “Sitting with the enemy“, by Daniel
We got a few of these, and I picked this one out of the pack because I loved how he included the Joker and Poison Ivy in there…created a surreal setting that I was unable to ignore. Great work!

Those are your big winners, I will be emailing each of you, and I’ll need your mailing addresses!

A few more that I liked and thought I should give honorable mentions to: Gay Bar, Batman DJ, Wii with Mii, Crappy Car, and Halo Batman.

Good job, guys! More of these coming soon! (Here are all the entries. Here is the original photo. Thanks, Kirk!)