The 2009 Scott Johnson Road Map


I like to do this once in a while…give you guys an update on various projects and things that I have my hands in. So here you go:

– The ExtraLife Comic
Really happy with the comic right now. More than ever, it truly represents my inner muse. Expect to see it continue as usual.

– 56 Zombies
Fully underway and something I am super excited about working on, and finishing.

– 56 Geeks and Custom Geeks
Slowly but surely, getting custom geeks done for people, as well as moving a steady stream of the prints. No changes here. (I do have a new toilet seat collaged with the geeks but that is for another day.)

– ExtraLife Radio
Pretty pleased with the last batch of shows. Plans are to continue to improve quality and content and keep growing listenership. One thing though, a discerning listener might have noticed that we have been doing roughly a show ever other week instead of the weekly time slot we’ve kept for nearly 4 years. This is by design actually…we want to be able to give more planning and effort to each episode, and given the busy schedules of all of us, this meant spreading things out a bit. The change feels good to us, and while we know some would love to have it remain weekly, it makes the most sense, at least for the moment. How much more life is there in ELR? Hard to say…but will keep doing it while it makes sense.

– 42 Robots
On hold while I work on 56 Zombies

– Experience Points comic
While new, I am already up to 32 comics completed. No sign of slowing. Will continue to work on this comic.

– Diary of a Cartoonist
Not much to say here…other than it has been growing like crazy lately. I will continue to pump that out in a semi-regular schedule.

– The Instance
Things are better than ever on The Instance, and there is no sign of slowing. Expect to see the show continue on as fans want.

– The Final Score
I am dead set on keeping this alive and getting it done. It has been pushed a little but mostly because I just want to make sure I give it time and love it deserves. Expect new episodes soon.

– Current Geek
Stay tuned for what the crap that’s all about.

– Nerdtacular 2009
Date and plans coming soon. In the thick of it right now. PROBABLY July as a general date. More soon.

I THINK that is pretty much everything going on. Remember, one of the best ways to track what’s going on is to follow me on twitter.