That dad who filmed his kid is in trouble

Remember the video of the kid getting freaked out by the flash game that scares you at the end? How could you forget. 🙂

“Huntsville, AL – (Reuters)

A popular internet video may be funny for some, but for one small child, it’s a lifetime of trauma.

The Huntsville district of The Alabama Dept. for Children and Families is investigating the traumatic act brought upon by an internet game. In the game, the main goal is to navigate a small dot through a maze without touching any of the sides. The caveat of this is that the game gets a person to concentrate on the dot, when all of a sudden a loud screaming picture (most likely from “The Exorcist”) appears on the screen to scare the player.

Bobby and Jo-ann Durrett could face criminal charges if they are found guilty of risk of injury to a minor when they videotaped their son Robert Jr. being traumatized by the popular prank. Robert Jr. has not been able to sleep since the February 8th event.

The popular internet portal “You Tube” is host to the infamous video, that has made it’s way around to all the internet denizens. In light of the proceedings, both the Durrett’s and YouTube Inc have declined comment. Since the incident, Robert Jr has been placed in the care or Pamela Jackson, Mrs. Durrett’s mother.

Although a prank well placed can a delightful joke for some, resorting to the malicious traumatization of a young child is not the wisest deicision that a parent can make. In an effort to curb harmful content from chicldren. The Alabama Coalition Against Youth Violence has taken a stance against “You Tube”. “Let’s face facts. Violence in youth was not a problem 20 or 30 years ago. Everyone today can be victimized by nothing more than a frightening event.”

Indeed, this country is run by people who, when they were children, started off by watching “Tom and Jerry” cartoons.

As for Robert Durrett Jr?

“He’ll be brought to a Juvenile Psychotherapist to undergo a series of treatments that we hope within 6-12 months will forsee a full and complete recovery”. The Durretts seem to be praying that the “x” factor will give them the luck they need to avoid any criminal charges.”

Did not get the link to the article but will try and find it. Thanks to Ian for the info. UPDATE: I still can’t find a link for this story anywhere, including Reuters…anyone else see it? This could all be crap.