TF2 Night Continues…


Attention all 360 / Orange Box owners, tonight we dine in hell!!! Er…I mean, tonight we play TF2!

Same bat time as usual: 10pm EST, look for ‘elrscott’, ‘chrispy55’, ‘MrScottFletcher’, ‘jawbonelen’, ‘JoeFattMomma’, etc to join the main server. Good news for those who didn’t get in when they wanted last time, we will have an alternate host in the form of ‘RaoulDuke’, so throw him a PM or add him as a friend and you should be in good shape.

Looking forward to filling your grill with grenades tonight!

EDIT for PC users: For those interested in the ExtraLife Steam Community and TF2 matches happening there, you can get more info here. Hell, why not have everyone doing it on whatever platform they have at 10pm eastern!