Ten year old game…


I recently got a wild hair up my rump to play Diablo 2 again. It’s been quite a while, and all this DIII talk got me hankering for some fun action dungeon crawling whoop-arse. So I found my old disks, loaded it up, and started a new character. Went with a Necromancer of course. (He is soooo my style.) Things have gone quite well, and I am deep into Act II now. But something happened today that jolted me back to reality: This game has a very unforgiving death penalty. And you also can’t respec. 🙂 Oh how I wish I could respec.

Anyway, I have to think a few of you are still playing a little D2 here and there. The experience has done one thing for me for sure! It’s made me VERY hungry for DIII and it can’t get here soon enough.