Super Mario Street

Tell me you wouldn’t want to live on Super Mario Street (exchange “street” for your country specific word). Well, if your like me, you’ll soon be planning a move to the Zaragoza suburb of Arcosur.

The future residents of a new Spanish neighborhood say they are the first in the world to name their street after the Super Mario video game character.

Onlookers sporting fake black mustaches cheered. A Mario mascot danced. And a violin and cello duet performed the catchy theme song from the popular Nintendo game as the suburb in Zaragoza, northeast Spain, unveiled “Avenida de Super Mario Bros” Saturday.

But the cartoon plumber character, who turns 25 this year, isn’t the only one who will be honored by residents of Arcosur, which is still under construction.

Other planned roads in the neighborhood include streets named for “Sonic the Hedgehog,” “Space Invaders” and “The Legend of Zelda.”

In a day and age where first home-buyers have grown up post-Pong, it’s not surprising that a little bit of our childhood is coming with us as we move into the world of responsibility and bills.