Tonight’s ELR, “Game Addicition”


Thought we would take some time tonight and talk about the idea that video games can be addicting, and therefore disruptive to our regular lives. Loss of job, divorce, bad health…all possible outcomes when we just have to have our fix. How far is too far? What do you do to keep your lives balanced? Those are the kinds of questions we will ask ourselves, and others on tonight’s ELR.

I want to take some time near the end of the show and bring some of you in for question or two. Make sure your Skype settings are good, and IM me in Skype during the show (myextralife). That way, I can bring some of you into the conference and let you weigh in on the topic. And as always, you can call the crap line (206.203.CRAP) or email an audio comment to See you tonight!