The ExtraLife 7 Nights of Christmas


I spent some time over the weekend trying to decide on something cool to do for the EL readership during the week beyond the normal stuff. The idea finally came to me, and here it is:

For the next 7 nights, starting tonight, I will film a Diary of a Cartoonist style art project, post it on YouTube, and put it here for you guys to see. While that’s not a very big deal on its own, the kicker is I want YOU guys to help me choose what each day will be.

The rules are thus: Everything must be Christmas themed, it must be simple (no huge outdoor vista’s required), and it must be something I can whip up each day in about a half hour. In your comment post, type your idea, and why you think it makes a good “7 Nights of Christmas” entry. I will read your post on the top of the videos, so that should be fun, and give you verbal credit as well.

It can be weird, strange, unusual, normal, etc. Just nothing nasty or lame.

So get to it! Comment away and lets see some of those ideas! I will post the first one up tonight after I record The Instance.

EDIT: Keep in mind…I am not doing full comics…those are coming Mon Weds and Fri as usual. These will be one shot images, no story lines, etc etc. Going for all visual here.