ExtraLife wants to pitch in!


I have wanted to contribute in some way to Child’s Play for quite a while now, but was unsure what would work best. As is typical with me, life gets so busy that I just never seem to get around to it. But wait no more! I am on the case.

I am going to start with a couple small things to auction off, and then see if I can do more from there. I’ll keep you posted here, but for now, here is what I am thinking:

Auction One: A chance to be one time guest panelist on an upcoming ExtraLife Radio episode…be able to sit in with me and the crew and geek out for an hour.

Auction Two: Appear in an ExtraLife comic, meaning actual likeness and part of the story told that day.

That’s where I think I want to start. I think its just a small way that I can give a bit more of myself to something I really believe in. All proceeds from both auctions go directly to Child’s Play and the children that money benefits, down to the very penny.

I will announce dates for the auctions soon, once I get the details worked out, where I will do it, etc. More soon!