Status Update…

So here is a quick update on my death status, for those who care. Turns out, after my Dr. visit yesterday, I have a severe form of Bronchial Pneumonia. The up side of such a condition is that it is mostly isolated to my upper respiratory region, therefore more treatable than the crap that gets all through your lungs.

As a result, they have me on some hardcore antibiotics that have their own nauseating side effects. But hey, I am willing to try anything. (Plus some inhaler that makes me jumpy for 4 hours after I suck from it’s inner sanctum.) The 8 day long fever was pretty much proof that this virus was here to win the game, not just play an inning or two.

Now, to clear something up, quite a few of you have emailed suggesting that Scott Kurtz and I have been faking our illnesses for some big April Fools Day payload or something. For those not aware, Scott has been in the throws of his own form of the plague. Anyway, there is no connection, no joke, no nothing. Just two Scotts, who happen to be web cartoonists, who happen to be sick at the same time.

And besides, you have to admit, April fools day on the Internet is so played out, it’s just plain dumb now. However, I do like it when people get creative instead and make stuff that you know is not real, yet was well crafted and therefore fun! Like Blizz, and The Zelda Movie.

Let us all hope that I turned the corner with the latest meds and such. The hard part is a fever for 9 days really takes a toll on your body. Even though I kept eating the whole time, I am 13 pounds lighter.

Can we all give praise to the queen? I owe Kim HUGE for me being such a turd the last 9 days.