State of the Union…EL style

I try and do this every once in a while…update everyone on what is happening in and around the world of ExtraLife, and other things. Figured today was as good a day as any so here goes.

I will be shutting the site down in September for good, and I’ll be leaving to live with a South American tribe just east of Peru. Just kidding. Not going anywhere. But things are happening.

As many of you are aware, I jumped out on my own with FrogPants Studios about a month ago now, and it’s going pretty well. Big thanks to all of you for continuing to consume the comics, podcasts, and everything else. It’s great having you all here for the ride.

I’m about to overhaul in a big way. I’ve decided, after much back and forthing, to start using ComicPress. They have come really far with that thing and it makes sense for me to dump my old archive system I’ve had since 2002, and move things to a simpler and more automated level. I’m designing it all from the ground up, and I’m excited about the new look and feel as well. (Side note: if you’re wondering what happened with that theme contest I started a while back…it was a total bust basically. Live and learn, right?)

Another thing: Some people have shown concern regarding the fact that I seem to be building characters into the comics lately, and regularly. You’d be correct, but I am not sure why you’d be concerned. While I too love the single random jokes of the past, with faceless people and never-to-be-seen twice characters, I am hungry to do something I’ve always wanted to with ExtraLife: Characters that you look forward to following. Content wise, this comic is still about all the things that interest me in the world. Video games, movies, sci-fi, comic books, pop culture, etc. I’d just really like to wrap some of that around some warm bodies like Jake, Jeff, Gilmore, and others.

I figure, hey, it’s the web! We content creators have all the freedom in the world to change things up here and there, and that’s what I’m doing. (Long time readers know that I have already done this a few times, with varying degrees of success and failure. But again, live and learn right?) I’ve learned some good lessons from doing Experience Points, and I want to apply them hear. Again, nothing drastic, just some stuff I have wanted to do for years. Since I was a kid I suppose.

Also, working on a new to be a better landing spot for everything that I have going. With the comics, ELR, The Instance, AppSlappy, Final Score, FourCast, the upcoming Heroes for You, and more… was time to give it the proper attention it deserves.

More on the ExtraLife front of things, there is a possible animation project coming soon, along with some other stuff that will interest new and old readers alike. I also want to get back to posting more on the blog. Been so swamped, it has definitely taken a back seat lately.

That’s all for now I guess. Just wanted to thank everyone again for everything you guys do.