Something to chew on.

I was thinking today…Recently was sold for 14 million dollars. While I could care less about such transactions, it did spark an interesting debate: Lets say you owned, and the site was currently devoted to sex education, advice and help to parents, STD’s, health risks, etc. A good overall resource for people when it came to the biology and politics of sexual issues.

Someone says, hey, lets give you 14 million for it, and we plan to turn it into the king of all porn sites! Which of these two schools of thought would you attend?

1. Who cares, I got my money, and what others do with it is not my business. Its life in a free market. Just glad I had it to sell.


2. I have just made it possible for MILLIONS of people to get to porn that might just seal an addiction, or might push some dude over the edge finally to act out his fantasy and rape his neighbor, or I might get some 11 year old hooked on porn for the first time in his life, etc.

I am NOT arguing one point or the other. But I think the conversation is interesting. Thoughts?