Some skinny on the actual play of Manhunt 2

“We’re writing about a game that isn’t out. We’re writing about a game that, in its current form, will never appear on store shelves and has been put on hold by its publisher, even though the game is done. We’re writing about the first game deemed unfit for any rating by the official board that rates games in the U.K. in a decade. We’re writing about a game that, in the U.S., currently has an 18-and-older Adults Only rating, a label issued by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board to just 23 porn and gambling titles, a few adventure games that have sex scenes in them, and one hyper-violent game called Thrill Kill. (The ESRB website lists more than 1,000 titles as M, which is for gamers 17 and up; more than 8,400 listings for games rated E for Everyone).”

A good read! Thanks, N.