Some housekeeping issues

Hey all. Just a few updates on all things ExtraLife.

The Comic:
Tomorrow, (Monday), will be the last time you see a Monday ExtraLife comic…or a Weds or Friday edition for that matter. I am moving to a twice a week format, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I suspect that they might even improve in some people’s eyes, as I will give more time to each, than I can now with three per week.

ExtraLife Radio:
The show will continue to be on Tuesday nights as per usual, but expect more in the way of specialized segments, interview spots, and other things I am working through.

The Instance:
Same as usual. Myself, Andrew, and Randy doing our WoW thing every Sunday night.

Infendo Radio:
Same as usual for myself, Blake, and the Infendo crowd every Saturday morning.

ExtraLife TV:
The show will live on, and new episodes will come, but maybe not as regular as many of you would like, or even that I would like. You will see these on a “as I can” basis. That includes any future drawing videos.

Dark Rim:
On hold.

Improv Comic:
On hold. For now.

The blog and site generally:
I am working on a few tweaks to the current design, but no due date. But for now, you an expect multiple daily blog updates, weird news as usual, and other such regularity. A note about emails: I can’t answer as many as I have in the past anymore…its just too many, and its killing me on time, and giving most of you short lame replies. I’ll try, but your best bet for a reply will be news thats great for the blog, content for the shows, or sending me something significant I can give a thoughtful reply about. Also, I won’t be as available on IM so please, don’t expect a fast answer, especially during the day.

That is all. Thanks!