So who is this ELR mystery guest anyway?


Time to let the beans spill. None other than Scott Kurtz of PvP fame will be joining the panel tonight on ELR, and we are thrilled to have him. Had a chance to chat over the phone the other day about lots of stuff, and it was great to get to know the man behind the webcomic a bit more.

Have some questions for Scott? Post them here, or email them to I will pull a few and read them on the show. You can send audio as well if you would rather, either an MP3, or a call to the crap line: 206-203-CRAP. We will host another Stickam room as well, so at 10pm Eastern time, you should be able to tune in to some live action. (I’ll do a post like I always do so you can click right in.)

It’s a webcomics explosion tonight. The earth may just fall out of its orbit. 🙂