So I get this email…

Names withheld of course:

I can’t think of any time I have seen Scott do that but I have been a long time fan of his. I won’t be back.

To which I reply:

Just curious, if you are a fan of Kurtz, that would mean you have read many of the things he has said in his news railing on other cartoonists, and marking them for failure. Or maybe you witnessed his blowout with his own message boards and the people in it some time ago, which was followed by a complete and mass exodus. Or maybe you have read the handful of comics he has done attacking other artists. or maybe the time he single handedly caused the creator of Spells and Whistles to give up completely after being accused of plagiarism?

I did a fun little poke at him in one comic and you are leaving for it? Seems a little one sided to me. Its your choice of course…but don’t act like you are out anything. You still get your free comics online no matter where you decide to go for them.


Off base? Let me know.