Some hot love for the fans and visitors.

Hey all. just a note that you guys have finally done it. 🙂 Last year, in January, we were getting about 2,200 unique visitors a day. While not a horrible number, I really wanted to grow things from there. Well, as of today, one year later, we now average 11,000 unique visitors a day. That’s growth I can put a bow on and call Charley.

I owe it ALL to you guys. I am just glad that many of you have seen fit to spread the word, whether for the comic, the blog, the radio show, the whatever…without your dedication to EL I am not sure where it would all be.

So thanks for everything. I hope we can keep the momentum up and keep moving things to the next level, whatever that level it is. (I secretly hope that the next level has barrels, crates, moving fire and lots of ramps and stuff. :))