So here’s a question…

Last week, CAD posted up a video (can’t find the link atm) of Tim drawing something, and now Kurtz has bellied up to the bar and put his PvP drawing process up. Both use sped up film for effect. Both use music. Neither have acknoledged at all that they were inspired by, oh I don’t know, Diary of a Cartoonist maybe?

I am actually all for this. I LOVE to see how others are doing their work, etc. But do we now live in a world where its so hard to give credit to one’s inspiration for an idea? I do it all the time. I wonder if I am misguided and should just act like every derivitive thing I have ever done never came from somewhere else.

Diary was one of the first things where I really felt like I was doing something totally original with my stuff. Come on, guys! Can I have at least one? Working in webcomics is like trying to find an honest salesman in Tijuana.