Saturday Mornings…

title droopy 1

Know what I miss? Saturday morning cartoons. Oh, I know there are cartoons on here and there, but I mean the fully institutionalized event that was Saturday morning for me as a kid. Sure, a lot of it was pretty crappy, and some of it was nearly unwatchable, but it was there, waiting for me and my big bowl of Fruity Pebbles each and every weekend.

I have a collection of Super Friends DVD’s that I watch with Nick, and without fail, each time I watch I am brought back to that magical time in the mid-80’s where I could watch Green Lantern pick up Bizaro with a big glowing green energy hand and know in my heart that all was right in the world.

On a whim, I hopped on eBay the other day and tracked down the Tex Avery Droopy collection so I could fully introduce my kids to its genius. You might ask, “have they never seen droopy before, or any other Tex Avery cartoons?” And I would answer…maybe. They can sometimes show up here and there on CN, but long gone are the days where you could catch this brilliance every Saturday morning. I feel like it’s a bit like a vitamin they no longer get in their daily diet, and I have to give them this supplement to survive culturally.

Am I alone? Does anyone else miss it? I have to think that many of you are far to young to even know what you’re missing, and that makes me equally as sad. With Cartoon Network going down the road of more live action and less animation, I feel like it is only going to get worse, and this pop-art form will be relegated to further extinction and obscurity.