Runco To Make You Broke. Ten Times Over.

Runco SC-1

If you thought Panasonic were asking alot for their 103″ TV set, then for the good of your health, I wouldn’t read on. Runco, creator of extravagant home theaterrs kits, is preparing to unleash their new Signature Cinema SC-1 Home Projector to the retail world. How much will one of these beauties set you back? Try a quarter of a million dollars. The $250,00 peice of kit is setting a new bar of home projectors offering a staggering list of impressive features, including a 2,048 x 1,080 native resolution, 2,800:1 contrast ratio and the ability to display high-defination video onto a 40-foot surface.

Just a heads up. If anyone is planning on getting one of these, movie night is now at your place.