Quick note about the ExtraLife Blog

More and more, you readers will start to notice that the blog will be less and less general gaming news or stuff you can get anywhere. It will start to be almost strictly hard to find, obscure, and unique news items. I have done some analysis on comments and news items and pretty much down the board, the topics that get the most action are the ones that really bring added news value to you guys. For example, news that World of Warcraft Battlegrounds are released would probably get 0 comments or activity. You can find that out anywhere. But a topic about a guy who is doing performance art with a Stretch Armstrong doll would get major traffic.

I think you get the idea. 🙂 Anyway, this will be focus moving forward…news that counts, but that is unique and different. We don’t want to evolve into yet another also ran news source. Comments? Suggestions? Comment away!