Quick Guild Update


Fast guild update. “The Die Has Been Cast” has been growing like a 11 year old on hormone therapy! 🙂 When I checked last night before logging out, we were at 438, and my guess is that by the end of day today, we will probably be licking up next to 500 or more.

Lots will be happening in the future, like big RP events that we’ll be sure to tell you about here. I should also have some sort of page up for guildies to get updates from, etc. Of course, you have the boards right now if you need ’em. See you in Azeroth! (Server: Earthen Ring. Dreadspine or Kaustic for invitations to the guild. Any and all are welcome.)

UPDATE: Want to see some of our guild RP events and such? You can see a bunch here.