Quick Geek Poster order update


Most of you early buyers should already have your posters in the US. International orders will take a bit longer, but they are processed and shipping as I type. Ongoing orders will be just that…ongoing, but as soon as I can get through the initial order blast, it will become considerably easier and faster to process them each time.

And just an additional note, if you have gotten or get your poster order with torn edges, or any problems like that, especially in the US, make sure and let me know. The printer will stand behind the work and ship out any that are bad. On the other hand, DON’T notify me if you spilled Mtn. Dew on it and want to screw the system. 🙂 Costs me shipping money each time I do it so I am only interested in legit issues. 😉 So far we have only had one out of hundreds shipped that had a problem, so I am not that worried. It was a shipping issue anyway. Thanks!