PSP To See Bomberman

Original Bomberman

After the failure of the Bomberman: Act Zero on the Xbox 360, Konami are attempting to redeem themselves. They’ve announced that the PSP will be graced with the original Bomberman game. Not only that, it’ll be hitting store selves in less than a week. Konami gave a list of features gamers should expect to see in title:

Normal mode is the latest single player Bomberman adventure, complete with a new story and 100 levels, while classic mode is based on original Bomberman gameplay and features over 50 different levels for players to experience. Bomberman offers a multiplayer battle mode, which allows up to four players to fight for survival in a variety of highly customizable game types across 20 different stages via wireless ad hoc play. Lastly game sharing lets up to 4 players battle together in timeless multiplayer party modes with just one UMD.

It’s good to see Konami are accepting that Bomberman: Zero was a failure, and trying to fix any broken hearts they have caused with its release. But is the PSP really the best platform to release it on? Would any of you think about picking a copy up when it hit store shelves?