PS3 Controllers Renamed?

PS3 Controller

Ach, Sony, what’s with you and your inability to produce some creative and inspiring names/slogans for your products? It looks like the PS3 has taken another negetive hit by the Sony marketing train, this time with the controller. With the loss of any rumble in the controller, going down the route of calling it the Dual Shock 3 is out of the question. So a rename is in order. After devling deep into Sony’s patent records, 1UP disovered the name SIXAXIS had been patented by Sony sometime ago.

Could Six Axis be the name of the PS3 controller? Aside from being as thrilling as ‘This Is Living’, it does make sense, since they’ve been pushing the controllers ‘six degree of freedom’ the controller is able to acheive with its motion sensing abilities. What does everyone think? Is it another possible poor naming choice by Sony?