PS2 to live on for another 4 years.

Sony has always maintained that its console cycles are 10 years, rather than the five considered the industry standard. That’s why, even as the market readies for the PS3 launch, the PlayStation 2 is still selling like gangbusters. And it should continue to do so for some time, as Sony has committed to the PS2 for at least another four years.

So, we’re apparently going to get another 4 years life out of the PS2, Sony claim that this is them “looking after their family”, i.e. the consumers. However, after the launch of the PS2, I can’t really recall any really decent games, or peripherals appearing for the PS1. Infact the only real decent game I can recall being released on a “dead” console was Perfect Dark, for the N64. So, even though we’re being “looked after”, I really can’t see any groundbreaking games hitting the PS2, after the PS3 has launched.

Sony has also stated that the PS3 will have the same “ten year life cycle”, but haven’t ruled out the release of the PS4 during that time. Which again, I can only see leading to a series of lacklustre games being pumped out onto a system that died when it’s superior was released.

Link to CNET article