Presenting The “(new name coming)” guild on Earthen Ring


That’s right…you heard me! A bunch of us are starting a new horde guild on the US Earthen Ring RP server. Founding members include the likes of myself, Andrew Kondereskertyeezxs, Veronica Belmont (from Cnet), Bryon Densley, Kevin S., Randy Deluxe, and a bunch more. Here is the skinny on what we are thinking:

We want this guild to be about fun, about role playing, about helping each other out, about spending time with your web friends. No pressure, no hype…if you decide you want to build a toon on this server, do it because you want to hang with some fun people and enjoy the game. DON’T sign up if you think you will spend every waking hour with the podcasters and other such fake dignitaries. This is not about us…it’s about you. So come to have fun. 🙂

At the moment you can track down me (Dreadspine or Gerp), or Andrew (Kaustic) to get you invited. More people will have the ability to do that soon, but that will work for now. If you don’t get an response right away, fear not…we get pretty bombed with tells as it is. We will get to you. 🙂

We are pumped to keep building our characters, quest and loot, plunder and blunder, and get some epic high game gear when the time is right for each of us. So what’s stopping you!

UPDATE: The name is no good in Blizzard’s eyes so we are changing the guild name. Will post it when we have settled on it. But still hop in and join up!

UPDATE 2: Well, this has been interesting. Loads of you signed up, we were having all shades of fun and BOOM! Blizzard decided to disband everyone. A big huge pain. Just know that it was them and not us…we were perfectly happy to abide by the name change rules, but something got goofed and the whole thing got ka-bloomed. More news as I have it.