POEM of my trip. (not written by me)

The following was created by my office while i was gone. Scott

I had some time on the family reunion vacation to ponder on the things that mean the most to me. I decided that the best way to express that is in a poem. Please let me know what you think 🙂

Here I am in the sticks.
by Scott Johnson

Here I am in the sticks
we havent showered so we look like hicks.
My mother in law and relatives are here too.
I keep wondering why I am so blue.

The old womens activities are fun
Kinda like shooting my eye out with a BB gun.
The batteries on my DS are dead,
No wonder I am sick in bed.

The moral of this story is clear.
The guys in the office control things here.
Next time I leave for timbuktu,
I will take along my passwords too 🙂