PhotoShop Contest Time: I’m Batman!


Not since “Jack Thompson Gate” a month or so ago, have we stepped up for another Photoshop contest. The time is now.

The prize this time will be free 8×12 inch signed “56 Geeks” poster, sent to you in the mail. Runners up might get something as well…will have to see. You can enter if you live in or out o the US. No restrictions.

Let’s get creative with this one. Less pasting heads on things, and more mind blowing ideas that only YOU can think of. The deadline is next Monday at midnight eastern time. (That’s the 12th of November.) Here’s a link to where the photo resides in larger form if you want it. No rules on what you do here…no theme other than batman is in it. Just be creative.

Send your entries to myextralife at gmail dot com, and include “contest” in the subject or you won’t be considered. 🙂