Photoshop Contest Time: Ding Pong Edition

Been too long. Time to brush off your copy of Photoshop, Gimp and whatever else you might use, and screw up my brother! 🙂 Here is a large version to work with. (Him again here and here.)

And I want to do a theme this time around. Let’s go with first person shooters. I promise that if all you do is cut and paste his face on Master Chief, you will be disappointed. No rules though…do whatever your creative mind can muster.

The big winner will get a free signed Fat Hero Print Pack by yours truly. Deadline is next Thursday at midnight. (The 17th of April.) Send your entry to myextralife at gmail dot com, with DING PONG in the subject line. 🙂 Have fun and good luck!

UPDATE: Ok…it does NOT have to be a FPS image. It can be whatever you want. Too many good ideas.