Our WoW Guild Woes End


Good news, everyone! The new guild is working and is up! The new guild is called, “alea iacta est”, Latin for “The Die Has Been Cast” (more), and Kaustic, Dreadspine, Imriela, and nobleadela can add you to the guild as of today. Others have rights as well but I can’t remember spelling…will update this later with those names.

If you are in the temp guild, you might have to leave it first, or they may have moved you over already…not sure on that so check your characters guild status when you get in. For those not yet added, just a reminder that we are horde, on the Earthen Ring RP server.

Thanks to everyone who has been so patient. We should be good to go moving forward. Will make further announcements on ELR tonight as well.

UPDATE: Since the I Eat Babies guild is no more, EL reader Brian thought you guys might want to watch this.