Our own little report from Leipzig


Reader and EL fan Max sent us his take on the event in his own words. Take it away!

Well I went to the GC in Leipzig, Germany. In the following I’ll describe what I saw and tell you what I personally thought of the GC.

So, the GC started on the 24. August and went till the 27. of August. Generally the first two days of the GC where fine. There were not so many people so you could look at everything closely an also test most of it. But the last two days where a disaster, there were masses of people trying to get through everywhere. Most of the time I was trying to get through to Nintendo…

Now I will describe the days more accurately. My plan for the first day was just to look a everything and then got to Nintendo and see what they have. Well I was disappointed by Sony’s Playstaion 3 Booth. They had four 50″ displays all showing some animal HD movie and one PS3 in a glass box. I wasn’t that long by the X-box booth. I only saw a huge screen showing lots of Gamer Tags and some games to play (like tabeltennis). Then there was a booth for Windows “games”, I only played AOE III since the rest was only flight simulator and train simulator. No the only bad thing by Nintendo was that there was no Wii to play or to see except in videos. Otherwise they had lots of DS put up to play games like Star Fox DS, Mario, etc.

The really cool thing was that you could rent a DS and people were “fighting” over getting one. So in the end there were 60 people in the Nintendo booth all playing DS. Nintendo’s shows were really cool as well, they showed of there Wii in videos, showed the new zelda and you could win micros and DS special retro games.

2. Day. On the second day my plan was to go to the Blizzard booth and play WoW The burning Crusade. So I stood 2 hours in line and then played the game for 10 min. If you want to know more about that you can ask Scott and he can tell me or I’ll just write another one only about WoW. Well ok, after that I was VERY tired because I had barely slept. I went to look at the other stuff. What was interesting was that you could also rent psp, but there was no line what so ever. I played a little Eye Toy and then went home.

3. Day = Chaos. There were masses and masses just pushing around to get where ever they wanted to go. It was hot and some dorks in-front of me didn’t no what deodorant is. So I was pissed of, went to some Logitech shows and then just sat in the cool down area. After fighting to see if any booth had anything new I went home.

4. Day = Break. My plan was to stay at home because I thought that it would be just as full. So I called a friend who was there to check and he just said that it would be even worse then before so I shouldn’t go, and I didn’t.

Well that was my GC experience. For pictures go to elrgermany.de under “GC” and for more information email me at elrgermany@gmail.com. Hope you liked it !

Thanks Max!