One of you played the 360 at Walmart!


I have one more guy getting photos as well, but for now, lets see what Sam had to say:


I only got like 3 minutes on it, but it was fun. (3 Minutes was pushing my limit.) There was a line of around 30 people when I got there (as school ended) but ALOT more showed up after me.

Graphically, I wasn’t extremely impressed. It was smooth without a doubt, but it wasn’t a giant step like the previous generation (N64, PSX to PS2, XBOX, GC etc) or even before that (SNES to N64 basically). It was just better graphics, like going from a Basic(Yellow Video Cable) DVD player and an S-Video (S-Video Cable, Red and White Cables) DVD player. There’s a difference, but it’s not extreme.

The controllers were nice and ergonomically smooth. They felt natural in your hand. The buttons aren’t changed much, so I don’t think transition will be difficult at all. I wish I had more time, but what I could tell from it, it’s going to
be good.

Anyone else play?