No ELR tonight either.


I am pretty irritated at Gmail at the moment. I can’t get in at all. They are working on the problem, which seems to only be effecting a certain number of users, which, as luck would have it, I am one of. 🙂

All the calls, Rico’s Reviews, Marks Movie Review, intros, outros, special bits sent in by you guys, etc etc…all unavailable to me till they get this problem resolved. All my damn email eggs are in one big fat basket. It hurts when it’s down. So not only did my DSL go dead last tuesday, tack onto that the fact that I have a new cold! Coughing like an old man with emphysema. Add all that onto the tidbit that we hit bandwidth limits twice this week, and I misspelled today’s comic. Good good times.


The Internet gods are angry at me for some unknown reason. I don’t know what I have done to incur their wrath. But I do know this, a regular Tuesday night show will happen next Tuesday, the usual time, and we will just have to live with it. Don’t hate us. Please. We never miss shows…just keep that in mind. 🙂