News from around the network

(artwork from ryan singleton)

I like to give you guys updates on what’s happening in and around the Frogpants world.

56 Zombies got finished, and is already up on the store for interested parties. Geek Food had another episode last week. New episodes of The Instance, The Final Score, AppSlappy, Fourcast, Current Geek, Film Sack, and lots of other network shows were released last week. Comics here, and of course over at Game Culture were published as well.

What’s coming up next week? The first official week of Fourcast as an official weekly show on TWiT is happening. We record tuesday nights…watch for updates on twitter and such. A new Geek Food later in the week, and episodes of all the usual shows coming. Fresh comics to Extralife and Experience Points of course, and much much more. Maybe a couple of cool announcements? Could be. 🙂