New Photoshop Contest: What the heck?


The goal with this new contest is a bit different this time around. I think we will do a theme here. This contest needs to include movies somehow. Something with your favorite characters, movies, scenes, etc. Keep it clean and keep it keen. You must use at least some of the image above to qualify. (Bigger one if you need it.)

What we are NOT looking for would be simple captions and things. What are we looking for? Creative photoshop work, that’s what. 🙂 The top winners will receive a 56 Geeks Poster in 8×12 for free. I will take entries till next Tuesday night at midnight, so basically a week and a day. Try to keep your final image 1024 pixels wide or less as well if you can. Email them to myextralife at gmail dot com, and include “contest” in the subject.

Think outside the box here, people. Let’s see your Photoshop shine.

EDIT: If you are a previous winner, and still want to enter, no problem. You’ll get the “Mario Unite” poster, or the “Old Man Comic” poster. Oh, and if you want to submit multiple entries, no problem doing so. 🙂