New Hulk In The Works?

The Hulk

It looks like mindlessly searching IMDB can have its benefits. During a boredom run through the website today, I came across the rumour of a new Hulk movie in the works. What suprised me further was the actor rumoured to play Bruce Banner, Prison Break’s Dominic Purcell. Bruce Banner’s character has always struck me as being a very slim, small built, “nerd” type. Dominic Purcell is a well built guy, and doesn’t really seem suited to the role. Which then got me thinking. Are they returning to the Incredible Hulk TV days? With Purcell taking the place of Lou Ferrigno?

Other parts of the rumoured production do seem promising, however. Louis Leterrier has been placed in the Directors chair. His previous work includes both the Transporter movies, aswell as Unleashed starring Jet Li. All of which were very entertaining movies. Stan Lee has also been rumoured as part of the writing staff, which would give the film great promise.

What’s peoples views? Is there room for another Hulk movie? Is Dominic Purcell suited to the role of Bruce Banner? Or should they slap some green paint on him and gave him a pair of ripped blue shorts?