New hardware happening today, and other things…

Just a warning that today my host will be swapping in a new drive to the new server. Seems the old drive was the reason we were having so many mystery outages since the move. This will probably mean an hour or two of downtime this afternoon, but after that, we are meant to be sailing pretty! The forums will especially benefit from this fix.

Also, I will be out of town most of this week, and though there will be a new comic on Thursday, I won’t physically be here to post much. If I have a good phone connection where I’m going, you can count on a few posts from there. Keep an eye on my twitter account for video and audio bits from the trip. Also, watch Experience Points as there are four new comics appearing there this week while I am out.

No ELR this week, but the Instance will happen Sunday. I think that’s everything. Hope you are all doing well.

UPDATE: things seem to be super fast and rather solid.