NERDTACULAR: Ticket Registration Update

Got Nerdtacular 08 Dark Knight ticket registration up now. (SEE NOTE AFTER JUMP FOR UPDATE)

UPDATE: It registration is closed for a bit as I think we hit our limit. I need to verify something with theater management first, as we might have another 20 seats I was un aware of, but to be safe, I think we are full at the moment. Will update you asap. That was quick! 🙂

Again, these tickets are no cost to you if you register. A note to all travelers: All those who contacted me, I have got you all taken care of so you don’t fly in and find no seats available. 🙂 For everyone else, all the local Utah folk, you will want to register at this link. I also updated the Nerdtacular page with the updated link.

IMPORTANT: PLEASE only register if you definately plan to be there. We had a few fake registrations last year which only served to hurt legit registrants. Thanks!