Nerdtacular Update…


UPDATE: Some of you are asking if there is a way to know that you indeed have reserved tickets. If you got the confirmation screen when you signed up, then you do, but if ANY of you have concerns and want to make sure, please email me and I will check it for you. myextralife at gmail dot com.

It has come to my attention that people who signed up for tickets, that have a yahoo email address, are not getting my email updates about the event. First of all, shame on you, Yahoo. Can’t seem to tell a spam message from a hole in the ground. Secondly, I will start putting these updates on the blog so those who might miss the emails will still have a chance to see what’s going on.

If you signed up for tickets, but are not able to attend for some reason, PLEASE email me and let me know. I have a load of alternates who are hoping for any remaining tickets there might be, and the only way I can give them that hope is to know when others are not able to come. Every ticket I have cost full price for me, so it would be really cool if you let me know. Of course, if you are coming then no worries…that’s what the ticket is for!

There are only 19 days left, and I am super excited for Nerdtacular. Seeing all you guys, watching a killer movie (we hope), and giving out some rocking prizes…hard to beat any of that.

Out of towners should note that there is a special thread in the forums designed just for you. Find people to hitch rides with, share hotel rooms with, etc. right here.

Speaking of prizes, here is the updated list of just some of the things I will be giving away this year:

– Two XBOX 360’s.
– My Fat Punisher print signed by me, and also signed by Punisher creator, Gerry Conway.
– Additional signed artwork
WoW loot cards
WoW miniatures starter sets.
– Helicopter rides (not totally confirmed but working on that)
Jinx T-shirts
– DVD’s
DogHouse Systems swag (working on what this will be)
– Much MORE!

If you dress up in some sort of Trek costume, or don the look of a trek character, you’ll be in the running for some of these big prizes.

If you or someone you work for wants to provide additional items for giveaway at the event, drop me a line and let me know. There is plenty of time. It makes you an official sponsor of the event, and gives you a chance to make some geek somewhere very happy.

Huge thanks to this list of major sponsors of the event like MajorSpoilers, Josh Fetner, Jeff Syer, Jynx, the “Mysterious Korean”, Gerry Conway, and more.

I will post new updates here as the day gets closer. We should know any day now regarding the exact time our showing begins on the 9th. I will put that up on the blog, twitter about it, and email the ticket holders. Should catch everyone that way. For additional info, check out