Nerdtacular 2010…yeah, I went to that.

So, the event happened, and I am completely spent. However, I am dying to share with you guys what went down, and who showed up, and what we did. Suffice it to say, this was the best year ever, and I am incredibly grateful to all those who attended, and to the community at large for being 20 shades of awesome.

Very soon I will TONS of photos, video, audio, etc. to share with everyone. Watch for posts coming soon, and keep your eye on the ELTV feed for video. Probably the ELR feed for audio. And right here for pics, etc.

We did some SERIOUSLY pro video and photo work this year, and for those that came, I may just put all this on DVD’s or something. I’ll keep you posted on that.

NOTE: To any of you who came and took pics, etc, I would LOVE to include your images in a big set I am putting together. Email me! myextralife at gmail dot com.