Need your help again…Games that should get more attention.

Sleeper hits if you will…that game that you play and love, while the rest of the world seems to be oblivious to it. These can be new games, old games, and everything in-between. Yep, this is the theme of next Friday’s ExtraLife Radio show, so comment away and tell us what you think we’ve all been missing! And as always you encouraged to send us a BEEF call on the subject: 206.350.BEEF. Or send your audio by email at

Also, one other thing. If anyone has a website they want to promote or some other online endevor, for a time I will be running 30 second comercials for people. (Free of course.) Its rather simple…you only need to make your own 30 second comercial spot, get it to me by email, and BOOM! It gets played during the show. Just send your WAV or MP3 to

EDIT: Anyone that already sent in a promo for their stuff, resend because my email took a dump and I think we lost a few. Sorry about that.