MyDrawings Open Alpha / Beta!!!


Big news, folks! I am finally ready to give you an open alpha / beta of the social doodling site, Many thanks to all the private users that gave us our first big test push…most of their artwork can still be seen in the system. 🙂 (And big fat huge thanks to Dennis who’s programming genius makes this all happen.)

Couple things to keep in mind as we open this up to the EL community:

– It is still late alpha, early beta stage…so dont expect it all to be perfect.
– We are going to be watching bandwidth and server issues like hawks, so if things seem slow, or we have downtimes, keep in mind, we are testing like crazy right now.
– We will add features, fix bugs, etc frequently, so watch for posts in the blog with updates.
– The DNS may not be totally updated yet, so if the link still goes to the old MyDrawings site, use But it should be good to go for most of you.

So get in there, register, and start drawing! Send your feedback to

UPDATE: We are seeing some big issues with Mac users…but fear not, we will kill those bugs too. PC folks seem to be ok so far.