My WoW Patch Woes


140 Twitter characters are not enough for me to explain the frustration I am having at the moment with getting wow up to date on my Mac’s and PC’s.

I have an ISP that blocks any and all bit torrent traffic, including legit stuff such as Blizzards updater. While lame and stupid, I have been able to get around it in the past by just downloading the patch files from various mirrors, and doing it that way. There there is a problem.

For whatever reason, this last patch, combined with whatever other factors at play on my various systems that play wow, the patcher quit working. Something’s gone corrupt.

So, last night, when I should have been raiding with my friends, I spent that time installing WoW all over again. Next step? Get some HUGE 1.6GB cumulative patch that would take me to current. Two mirrors later, both files are corrupt.

No files, no torrent, and my ISP is a turd bucket.

There…I got it off my chest.

I still have no good solution, and even if I did, I am not a 100% sure the updater will even work when I get to that stage.

Feel bad for me, dammit.

UPDATE: Thanks to a few awesome readers, got a workaround happening with links and files and such. My next step is to kick my ISP in the noodle.