My Wii and my 360: Something I noticed


Let me start by saying that I LOVE my Wii, and I LOVE my 360. Both have a special place in my home and I really enjoy them both imensely. But that gets to the crux of what I am saying. They enjoy them in two TOTALLY different ways. I wonder how many of you dual owners are feeling this way as well.,

For one thing, I never play my 360 with anyone else physically…only people on ‘Live’. It’s my veg out late and night, and play something long and difficult for long periods of time. It’s my “hardcore system” as it were.

Where with my Wii, its the party-time machine. People come over JUST to play. Mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, old people, dogs, cats, etc. They all flock into the warming glow of my 50inch TV and bask in its ‘happy-funtime-blast-o-rama’ vibe.

Perhaps this difference is what I enjoy so much about having both. Is anyone else finding this to be true?