My Trip: Day One

Hey all. If you are reading this post, that means I am on the road to Moab, Utah. This is my first time out there in roughly 18 years. 🙂 I have 5 kids in the van, ages 14 to 16, and a couple other adults as well. We are loaded up with water, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, and our god given right to kill ourselves in the desert. 🙂

Couple bits of info while I am gone. There will be NO ELR tonight. I know, it sucks…but there was just no time. There WILL be another comic this week, which is set to auto post on the server, so watch for that, and enjoy a little self-referential illustration that day. The only blog posts you will get are one each day that I have pre-written to post while I am gone. Feel free to chat it up in here, or the forums, or the EL Social Network, etc.

I have to say, I am so wrapped up in all things ExtraLife that I think it is going to be really weird being away from it for a week. Just strange.

Wish me luck! Watch for a new post tomorrow, and a comic midweek! Oh, and who says you can’t place three weeks in a row? hehe